What if I have a claim?

Q: I’ve been in an accident – what now?

A: Start by reporting your claim to your insurance carrier. They need to know:

  • When the accident occurred
  • Where the accident occurred (be as specific as possible)
  • How the accident happened
  • What kind of vehicle or vehicles were involved (including the year, make, and model)
  • A description of the damage on each vehicle
  • The names and contact information of people involved in the accident
  • the extent of any injuries to people involved in the accident
  • The names and contact information of anyone who witnessed the accident
  • The name of the law enforcement agency that responded and the police report number, if police were contacted

Q: I have damage to my property – what now?

A: Call your insurance carrier and let them know:

  • When the incident occured
  • A general description of what happened
  • The location of the damaged property and what was damaged
  • The condition of the home and if it is still livable
  • If temporary repairs are needed
  • If the fire or police department was contacted, which department responded and any report number
  • Your contact information and the best time to reach you

Q: Do I need to protect my home from further damage?

A: Yes, once it is safe to do so, it is your responsibility to protect your property from further damage.

  • Arrange for reasonable temporary repairs such as boarding up broken windows, covering the roof, and removing debris
  • Keep a list of any temporary repairs you make to document the damage, and make sure to keep your receipts
  • If possible, place damaged items in a secure area where they can be inspected; If you are unsure about an item, include it with the damaged property
  • If you have fire or smoke damage, do not try to clean the damaged items; Sometimes cleaning things without the proper equipment can cause more damage.

Our Insurance Carriers

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Insurance Carrier Claim Number Claim Website

Alfa Insurance

1-877-584-7466 https://www.alfapolicy.com

Atlas General Agency

1-866-522-0361 Email: atlasclaims@atlasgeneral.com

Centauri Insurance

1-866-215-7574 http://centauriinsurance.com/claims/
Columbia Lloyd

Columbia Lloyds Insurance Company

1-800-275-6768 http://www.columbialloyds.com/file-a-claim

Cypress Insurance Group

1-888-892-9773 Cypress Insurance Group


1-800-588-7400 http://www.encompassinsurance.com

Hanover Insurance Group

1-800-628-0250 http://www.hanover.com/claims.html

The Hartford

1-800-243-5860 http://www.thehartford.com/service/
Homeowners of America

Homeowners of America

1-866-407-9896 http://hoaic.com

Imperial Fire & Casualty

1-800-960-7777 https://my.imperialfire.com/


1-888-252-2799 https://www.kemper.com

MetLife Commercial

1-855-500-3695 Email: MetlifeServiceCenter

MetLife Home and Auto

1-800-854-6011 https://www.metlife.com
Mission Select

Mission Select Insurance

1-800-780-6941 (opt 3) https://www.missionselect.com
National Lloyd

National Lloyds Insurance Company

1-800-777-3636 Email: claims@natlloyds.com

Philadelphia Insurance

1-800-765-9749 https://www.phly.com/

Safeco Home and Auto

1-800-332-3226 http://www.safeco.com/claims-center

Safeco Roadside Assistance

1-877-762-3101 http://www.safeco.com/roadside-assistance
Southern Vanguard

Southern Vanguard

1-888-362-8428 http://www.rhpga.com/report-a-claim/
South & Western

South & Western

1-800-492-5351 https://www.southandwestern.com
State Auto

State Auto Insurance Companies

1-800-766-1853 http://www.stateauto.com/submitclaim/

Stillwater Insurance Company

1-800-220-1351 Email: claims@stillwaterinsurance.com


1-800-477-6465 Email: claims@wellingtoninsgroup.com

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